How to Make a Viral Video on Instagram Using Hashtags, Reels, and More

How to Make a Viral Video on Instagram Using Hashtags, Reels, and More

You always remember your first viral video on Instagram. The rush of excitement as you see the views pile up and the comments roll in. The burst of pride about creating something people found funny, moving, inspiring, or just plain cool.

But what’s even better is the lasting impact a viral video on Instagram can have on your online presence. It’s not just a feather in your cap. It’s a force multiplier for your brand, whether you’re an e-commerce retailer in search of more sales, an influencer looking to widen your reach, or just an everyday IG user who wants to make their mark.

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of your first viral video yet, you’re in the right place. Because we’re going to cover everything you need to know to make a video viral on Instagram. But first, a spoiler alert: there’s no magic button you can push to produce a viral hit. There are, however, some tried-and-true strategies for getting your content liked, shared, and promoted across the platform.

But before we get into the how, let’s look at why having a video go viral on Instagram can be a turning point for your online presence.

Why make a video viral on Instagram

Gain more followers

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been building your profile for years, more followers is the key to maximizing your social media efforts. After all, what’s the point in creating thoughtful, creative, awesome content if it’s not reaching the people it’s made for?

Even one viral video on Instagram can grow your following by thousands in a matter of days or weeks. That hard-won audience then goes on to provide loads of value for your brand on an ongoing basis. With more Instagram followers, your content has a wider reach, adding fuel to your Instagram strategy, and making it easier for your content to go viral in the future.

Boost your business profile

For businesses, having more followers isn’t just cool — it’s crucial. Because the more eyes you have on your brand, the more prospects you can funnel to your website and the more sales you can make. Plus, it never hurts to be known as the social-savvy brand that is killing it on “the gram.”

Engage your audience

Even though Instagram is awesome for building profitable brands, it’s not all about business. For many Instagram users, the platform is a way to connect and build community.

Influencers and average users alike need to make themselves as visible as possible on IG in order to find their tribe. A viral video casts a wide net and pulls in those people who share your hobby, obsession, viewpoint, whatever. And when you prove to them that your content is watch-worthy and share-worthy, they become loyal followers who engage consistently with your posts.

How to make a video viral on Instagram

Now, let’s get to the good stuff: our tips for making Instagram reels and videos that get shared far and wide.

Like we said above, there is no foolproof formula to make a video viral on Instagram. But there are ways to improve your odds, no matter what the Instagram algorithm is up to at the moment. And it all starts with good ol’ fashioned creative content.

Create good content

Bill Gates said it way back in 1996, and it remains true to this day: content is king. Every successful Instagram account is built by making valuable content that’s tailored to the target audience. No amount of tips, tricks, and techniques will make your video viral if its content isn’t good. And good can mean many things: funny, smart, interesting, thought-provoking, relevant.

So how do you create good content? Start with a clear goal.

Are you trying to make people laugh? Share important information? Create a heartfelt connection? Whatever your aim, be authentic about it. People can spot insincerity a mile away. And when they do, they scroll right on by.

Make it short and snappy

Attention spans aren’t what they used to be, so your viral video should get straight to the point.

In 2022, Instagram reels are definitely the go-to tool for making short, snappy, shareable videos. And these short-format videos offer a much better chance of going viral — according to Hootsuite, reels get up to 300% more engagement than other IG videos. Which means Instagram reels should be a major part of your online strategy if you want to get maximum ROI on your content creation efforts.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a basic element of any good Instagram strategy — so they definitely belong on your videos and reels. The question is which hashtags will give your content the best chance of going viral.

Instagram itself categorizes hashtags into nine different types, covering acronyms, emojis, products/services, and more. We recommend using hashtags from several different categories on your videos, to increase the breadth and depth of your audience reach.

Reels and videos can have up to 30 hashtags each, which is plenty to cover a range of topics and interests. Just be sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your video content, since you want your content to be seen and shared by users who are interested in what you have to say. Also, don’t use the same hashtags on every video, since repetitive content may be penalized by the platform.

Create consistently

In many ways, winning at social media is more of a marathon than a sprint. Almost no one gets a viral hit with the first video they upload. It takes time, patience, and perseverance to make that leap into virality. So make a content creation schedule and stick to it.

Make the most of Instagram

If you’re diligent about creating valuable, optimized content and posting regularly, you’ll be well on your way to having a video go viral on Instagram. While you’re waiting for that exciting milestone, make sure you’re doing everything else you can to maximize your profile on Instagram. can help you grow your followers, likes, comments, views and more on Instagram. Explore our services and start making the most of Instagram today.

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