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Why Do Instagram Follower Counts Matter?

Let’s talk about Instagram.

The platform has become one of the world’s most popular social media sites, with over 1 billion active users in 2023. With its focus on visual content, Instagram makes showcasing products, services, and other content truly seamless. The opportunity to reach a large audience is simply an added bonus.

One of the key metrics on Instagram is the number of followers a user has. In this article, we will explore why Instagram follower counts matter and why some people may choose to buy followers.

Why Do Users Buy Instagram Followers?

In recent years, buying Instagram followers has become a common practice—especially for brands, influencers, and artists looking to increase their online presence.

There are several reasons why people may choose to buy Instagram followers. These include:

  • Credibility 

One of the main reasons people buy Instagram followers is to boost their credibility. A large number of followers can make a profile appear more legitimate, which can attract more organic followers as well.

  • Visibility

Did you know that the algorithm on Instagram favors accounts with a high follower count? By buying followers, you can increase your account’s visibility and engagement, and reach a larger audience.

  • Brand awareness 

Having a large number of followers can help build brand awareness and inspire trust. As a result, influencers and businesses that buy followers can up their chances of converting followers into customers.

We’ve discussed why people may choose to buy Instagram followers. Now let’s talk about the benefits of this practice.

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Top Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

The benefits of buying Instagram followers are expansive. These are the top of advantages of investing in your follower account:

  • Quick and easy

Buying Instagram followers is a simple and efficient way to increase your follower count. It can take a lot of time and effort to grow your followers organically, and some people may not have the patience to wait. In fact, buying Instagram followers can be an effective strategy in itself. 

  • Cost-effective

Buying followers is generally more cost-effective than traditional advertising. Compared to other marketing techniques, buying Instagram followers is relatively inexpensive. Users have the option to pay for a specific number or range of followers—making it easy to start small and work their way up. 

  • Higher engagement

While buying followers may not result in higher engagement right away, having a larger number of followers will encourage other organic users to engage with your content. This can lead to more likes, comments, and shares, which can help boost your engagement and increase visibility on the platform.

  • More sponsorship opportunities 

Buying Instagram followers can also help businesses and influencers appear more attractive to potential sponsors or clients. Many companies look for influencers with a large following to promote their goods. The more followers the account has, the more likely the user is to receive these coveted (and competitive) sponsorship deals.

If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to buy Instagram followers, we urge you to consider how simple the process is.

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How to Buy Instagram Followers

If you're interested in buying Instagram followers, there are several options available. These are just some of the ways you can go about this process:

  • Buy followers from a marketplace

Some online marketplaces like Upwork feature freelancers who will buy Instagram followers for you. These sellers may offer different options, and you can choose the one that best fits your needs. They’ll take care of everything for you.

  • Participate in an Instagram follow-train

Instagram follow trains are a way for users to gain followers by participating in a loop of following other users. While this method may not result in a large number of followers immediately, it can help increase your visibility on the platform.

  • Use a third-party service

There are many third-party services that offer Instagram followers for a fee. These services typically require you to provide your Instagram username and password, and they will add followers to your account based on the package you choose.

It’s important to note that not all services are created equal. However, using a secure, high-quality service like is an ideal way to buy Instagram followers. The process is simple, safe, and secure—you don’t need to share your password or other personal information.

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Our Process

Buying followers on is remarkably simple. Just follow these three steps:

  • Choose your package

Simply select the number of followers you want to buy. Delivery is instant, and you can choose between high-quality and active followers. (Both can be of great value.)

  • Enter your username

When you enter your Instagram username, the system will automatically fetch your public information. Again, there is absolutely no need to share your password.

  • Wait for your results

Our team will increase your follower account as soon as you pay for the package you’ve selected. You will receive a confirmation email upon delivery. 

Please note that when you buy followers, your Instagram account needs to be public. You can always buy followers and then make your account private again if you decide to do so. Ultimately, we recommend staying public in order to maximize your visibility.

You do not need a business Instagram account in order to buy followers. If you are an influencer with a personal account, you can still buy followers as long as your account is public.

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With high ratings, competitive pricing, and 24/7 customer support, we help Instagram users promote their brands and campaigns with ease. We will never ask for your password or confidential information—and our system runs on a secure SSL certificate.

So what do you say? Investing in followers from is a solid investment for anyone looking to boost their following, gain more customers or brand deals, and strengthen their social media presence. Authentic engagement and real followers will help you elevate your credibility and connect with your target audience.

Higher visibility and earning potential are just the beginning. With flexible payment options like bank card and crytocurrencies (including Bitcoin and ETH), makes building your brand or business totally achievable.

And like all reputable companies, we offer a free demo of our Instagram follower-buying service. Try it out before you take the leap, and see for yourself why we are the best solution for your social media needs. 

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Consistency is the key to attract and retain genuine followers, who are essential to boost your Instagram profile. If you're finding it challenging to build a following from scratch, consider using our reliable and affordable services to BUY INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS from By adhering to Instagram's guidelines and posting at high-traffic times, you can increase your chances of reaching your target audience. By regularly posting quality content that resonates with your followers, you can maintain their attention and enhance your credibility. Remember, it's not just about the quantity of posts, but the quality that counts.

At, we offer more than just followers. You can also BUY INSTAGRAM VIEWS, which will help you to boost your profile's visibility and improve your engagement rate. However, it's important to avoid using bot followers that could ruin your reputation and hinder your Instagram success. Authentic engagement and genuine followers will help you to establish your brand's credibility and connect with your target audience.

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By investing in, you can attract genuine followers that will enhance your credibility and attract new followers. With flexible payment options, including credit and debit cards and cryptocurrencies such as ETH and Bitcoin, provides a hassle-free solution for increasing your page's value on the algorithm, leading to more engagement from your target audience.

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Costs of Instagram Growth Strategies

The cost of Instagram growth strategies varies depending on the company, the services selected, and the quantity of followers, likes, or views desired. However, many growth tools are affordable for influencers on a budget, and several companies provide free trials for their services.

Ensure the company is reputable before making any payments through PayPal or credit card, and never share your Instagram, PayPal, or bank password with a growth service. The cost of Instagram growth is up to you and the speed at which you want to grow. Quick growth may be more expensive, while slower growth is more affordable. Some services offer packages with tens of thousands of followers and 50,000 likes, but these packages can add up to hundreds of dollars quickly.

Investing in Instagram growth strategies pays off in the long run as high followers and interactions can lead to sponsorships and endorsements, increasing revenue. Spending a few hundred bucks for thousands of followers is worthwhile if you can afford it. Treat your Instagram account as a business and watch it grow!

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Rely on Reviews from Past Customers

Read reviews before making a decision to ensure the company's legitimacy. Steer clear of  1-star reviews and be wary of companies with no or very few reviews. If multiple reviews highlight the same issue, it's likely a red flag. Additionally, don't overlook negative reviews just because a company has many positive ones. Carefully read through all reviews to gain a full understanding of the company.

Research the Company Before Investing

Protect your investment by researching the company through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or a similar service in your country. A low rating or negative reviews on the BBB website is a clear sign to stay away. Verify the legitimacy and credibility of the company before investing your money

Buy Real Instagram followers cheap offers high-quality followers, likes, and views that are guaranteed to be 100% real and active. No need to share your password, and there is no risk of getting flagged or banned. Choose the packages and services that best suit your needs and watch your account grow without compromising on quality. Remember that one real Instagram follower is more valuable than 10,000, and our services will help protect your brand's credibility.

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Like all top-notch companies, we offer a free demo of our services. Try before you invest and witness why we are the perfect fit. Get a closer look at how our services operate and what you receive for your investment. We assure you that you won't be disappointed.

Should you invest in buying followers?

It depends on your account growth goals. Buying followers is a smart investment for your Instagram account and business, increasing credibility, social proof, brand awareness, and revenue. With, you can grow your account compliantly and faster than organically possible. Whether you aim to become a top influencer, earn from sponsorships, or turn your product into a best-seller, buying followers is the solution.

Choose for instant Instagram growth, providing high-quality followers and likes that are guaranteed to be 100% real and active. We have a proven track record of success, glowing reviews, and top-notch customer service. Choose between instant or gradual delivery and watch your account skyrocket with real users. Our packages and services are customizable to best suit your needs, ensuring that your account grows without compromising on quality. Remember that one real Instagram follower is more valuable than 10,000 fake ones, and our services will help protect your brand's credibility. Invest in for a high-quality, secure, and effective solution to increase your followers and enhance your social media presence.

The bottom line: what you need to know! Here's a quick rundown of the key takeaways:

  • Buying Instagram followers can bring clear benefits, but choose your service wisely.
  • Social proof, credibility, and visibility go hand-in-hand.
  • Quality content always beats quantity.
  • Real human followers are always better than fake bots and phony accounts.
  • Potential followers can spot bots from a mile away and steer clear of those accounts.
  • Do your research! Check reviews, press releases, and BBB accounts before choosing a growth provider.
  • With a credible service like, buying followers, likes, and views won't get you banned.
  • never puts your account at risk of being flagged or deleted.
  • Avoid too many sales-pitch posts for better engagement.
  • Unify your social media accounts and keep your posts consistent.
  • Leverage your large Insta following to grow your presence on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Keep these things in mind and grow your profile safely with's top-notch growth tools. Trust us, trust in your new followers, and trust in your growth.

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Is buying followers on Instagram against the platform\\\'s guidelines for brands?

The decision of how many followers to purchase is entirely in your hands. You have the freedom to acquire as many as followers you desire, and there is no need to obtain them all in one go.

What is the estimated time frame for me to receive my followers?

The estimated time for receiving the desired number of followers depends on the availability of stock and the quantity you intend to obtain. As you input your desired number of followers, the estimated duration will be displayed next to it.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Our article affirms that we offer a completely secure environment to our users. We prioritize the safety of our users\' confidential information and never demand any sensitive data. Additionally, our system is highly secure and equipped with an SSL certificate to ensure maximum protection against any security threats.

What is the ideal number of Instagram followers to purchase?

This is definitely up to you. You can get as many as followers you want, you don\'t have to buy them all at once.

Are buying followers a frequently practiced action?

Purchasing followers is a popular practice among individuals and businesses seeking a quick way to achieve their desired number of followers. The convenience of buying followers is a significant factor that attracts people to this option.

Why should you buy Instagram followers?

Investing in buying Instagram followers can help expedite your results and boost visibility for your brand or business. Furthermore, having a larger follower count serves as a credible reference for potential followers, leading to a higher likelihood of gaining organic followers in the future.

Is it legal to buy Instagram followers?

Purchasing followers is not deemed unlawful according to current laws and regulations. However, the act may violate terms of service provided by social media platforms, which could result in penalties or account suspension.

Is there a possibility of my followers decreasing over time?

We assure you that there will be no decrease in your number of followers. Our guarantee extends for a period of 6 months after the purchase, during which we promise to replace any followers that may have been lost. You can trust us to make sure that your social media presence stays strong.

What is the estimated time for receiving my followers?

The estimated delivery time for your desired number of followers depends on the current stock availability and the quantity you intend to receive. As you enter the desired number, an approximate time span will be displayed for you, keeping you informed of the timeline for delivery.

Is it possible to face a ban for buying followers?

There is no issue with requesting a friend to follow your account on Instagram. It is commonplace and we have not received any complaints from our customers about their account status related to this. We assure you that such an act does not violate any of Instagram\'s guidelines or policies.

Is it possible to receive a refund if I am dissatisfied with the service?

We understand the importance of delivering our promises within the expected timeframe. Thus, if we fail to deliver our commitments within the given time, we will facilitate a refund. However, please note that refunds will only be considered in such circumstances and not otherwise. In the case of estimated delivery timelines that are shorter than three days, the timeframe for refund consideration will be extended to three working days.

Will Instagram remove follower counts along with likes?

At this time, there has been no official release or indication that the following count will be eliminated. Therefore, we anticipate that your current number of followers will remain visible.

What is the reason for making my account public when making a purchase?

If your Instagram account is set to \"private,\" only approved users will be able to see your profile. This is why we need access to view your profile. However, feel free to make it private again after we are finished.

Can a high number of followers on my profile lead to an increase in organic engagement?

Having a large number of real and engaged followers can elevate your social media status to that of a local celebrity. This heightened profile will capture the attention of potential followers who are interested in organic engagement with your content. The more active and genuine your followers, the greater the likelihood of capturing a wider and more engaged audience. So, building an authentic and substantial following not only increases your online presence but also creates a positive impression in organic viewers.

What is the reason for paying for bot followers?

Our services offer you genuine Instagram followers with no fake accounts included. You can rest assured that the followers you receive from our packages are of high quality and consist of real people. We prioritize authenticity in our services to ensure that our clients receive the best outcomes. So, invest in our services today for a credible and reliable Instagram following.

What benefits can I expect from purchasing followers for my account?

By choosing our services, you can be assured of getting high-quality Instagram followers who are active, relevant, and will increase your visibility. We are your best bet when it comes to buying Instagram followers that will make your investment worthwhile. Trust us to help you grow your following and make an impact on social media.

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