If you’re wondering why companies invest so much in marketing, here’s a little peek into some interesting facts about startups. According to Profitfromtech, the number of small businesses actively operating in the U.S amounted to 30.2 million, and 42% of these startups fail because there's no market. For these small businesses to succeed in the highly competitive market, digital marketing must be an integral part of their marketing plans according to Goread.io

There are tons of digital marketing tools to take advantage of, but we’ll be talking more about the use of Instagram marketing in this article. If you are looking to buy Instagram followers you should first read this article.

Do you have a business, a brand that you wish to show to the world? If your answer is yes, then you should consider marketing your business on the popular photo and video-sharing social networking service to provide your business with the much-needed publicity, leads, and ultimately increase your sales. 

Instagram As a Marketing Tool

Marketing is an essential part of any business growth strategy, and the good news is that Instagram offers some useful features that will help your business achieve its goals. Because we care about your business and its growth, we’ve made a guide to show you how Instagram features can be used for efficient marketing such as buying Instagram likes;

  • A Captivating Bio

The bio section on Instagram is the first thing seen on your page, so this is one of the essential parts of developing your business and enhancing your Instagram marketing strategy. Your bio should tell your customers all they need to know at a glance. There’s absolutely no need to turn your bio into a history class because no one is interested in all those dates.

Go straight to the point, describe your business, describe why you're the best at what you do, and add contact information, websites, and important hashtags. The space for your bio is minimal, so use it wisely and remember to update when need be.

  • Instagram Story and IG TV

This is one of Instagram's features that allows you to keep your audience engaged and updated frequently. The story section lets you upload texts and videos for your Instagram followers to access, and reports show that over 500 million users use Instagram stories. The IG TV feature is very efficient because it allows you to upload a longer video than can be uploaded to your regular feeds; I call the IGTV a mini YouTube channel.  Video updates on your products and services keep your audience glued to your page.

  • Direct Message and Comment Section

The comment section is one of the best ways to get full engagement with your customers. It helps you understand your users, know what they want, and get valuable feedback, enabling you to understand how to improve your business. If your Instagram account seems not to be getting enough user engagement in the form of likes, comments, and views, you can choose to buy Instagram likes and buy Instagram views to help boost your account or you can buy Instagram views. However, ensure you buy these from only reputable sellers as there are tons of companies selling fake bot traffic out there.

The direct message feature helps build a better relationship with your customers on a one on one basis. It is one of the best ways to get direct feedback and from your customers.

  • Paid Adverts, Tags, Influencers, and Promotions:

Paid Adverts, Tags, influencers, and promotions are features that do most of the work for you and save you a lot of stress. Paid adverts enable your business to be shown to your targeted users, which increases your chances of conversion, isn't that amazing? You won’t have to break a sweat to get people in your preferred location and demographic to see your business and products. 

Tags are unique; it is a feature that enables you to select people and attach them to your post.Tags make it easy for people to be aware of your brand and your posts, thereby increasing your business’s online presence.

Influencers are one of the fasted ways to achieve the goals of Instagram marketing, they are already masters of the game, so collaborating with one or two will go a long way to increase sales.

Instagram might not be the only marketing tool to grow your small business or startup, but it’s one of the most efficient digital marketing tools out there. If you get stuck or need a little help maximizing your Instagram account’s potential, don’t hesitate to send us an email today. We’ve got your back!

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