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The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Likes

Instagram is one of the most used social media networks in the world. With over a billion regular users, and over four billion likes shared every single day, Instagram is a vitally important part of any social media promotion promotion or networking plan. In these modern times, social media networking and promotion is far and away the most important aspect of any advertising campaign. If social media promotion is so vitally important, and Instagram is the holy grail of social media networks, it only stands to reason that you should know how to get the most possible attention to your company or organization. is a Verified Listing on Better Business Bureau®

Attention on Instagram comes in the form of “likes”, which are basically just an indication that someone has seen your picture or video, and appreciates the content for whatever reason. Gaining a great deal of likes on Instagram is an essential part of any promotional campaign, because the like is the unit by which you can measure your exposure to Instagram users.

The History of Instagram

Instagram was founded in 2010, and the first post was made by one of the two founders, Mike Krieger, and a few hours later the second post was by the co-founder Kevin Systrom. Steve Anderson, who was the founder of Baseline Ventures, invested $250,000 in Systrom’s idea for an app called Burbn that allowed users to share their location with friends, but he requested that Systrom find a partner to work with in developing the app. Systrom found Krieger, and between the two of them they simplified the original idea, making it a simple photo-sharing app. Unlike most apps and businesses which are built from the ground up, Instagram is unique in that it was actually built from a pre-existing app taken down to its most basic components.It was introduced to Apple in 2010, and before the app would even be introduced to Android in 2012, it already had more than thirty million users. Read more @

On the first day that it was introduced to Android, Instagram was downloaded a whopping one million times! This was just an indicator of the enormous success that Instagram would see throughout the next few years. This is probably why Facebook made the wise decision to purchase Facebook for $1 billion in cash and stocks. The purchase of Instagram by Facebook was actually quite astonishing, considering the fact that Instagram was not generating any revenue at all at the time.

Instagram has been around for about ten years now, and they have continued to update the platform on a regular basis. In 2013, Instagram introduced direct messaging to the platform, which gave users more direct contact with one another. In 2015, advertising was added to the platform, which is how they began to generate some serious revenue. They also introduced live streaming, which again increased the direct contact between users. One of the most recent updates to the platform was the change that made likes hidden from users. The idea behind this was to place less focus on the likes, and more on engagement between users. This change has not been around long enough to really know the impact yet, but the response seems to be fairly positive for the time being. Even though likes are now hidden from other users, they are still just as valuable to anyone attempting a promotional campaign for a business or organization, because likes are still the best way to measure your reach on Instagram.

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What Are Likes?

If you have used any other major social media platform, you probably already understand the concept of “likes”, but for the sake of keeping it simple, we are going to pretend for a moment that you have never heard of a like before. A like is what the viewer does to indicate to you that they have viewed something that you posted, and that they enjoyed it or agreed with it. By double-tapping the video or picture, the viewer “likes” it, and each like is added to a tally that is visible only to the person or organization that posted it. Likes are not meant to share the picture or video with other viewers, and they do not indicate that the person intends to do any business with your company. Likes are nothing more than an acknowledgement that your post was viewed and appreciated. That being said, likes are vitally important, but not as easy to come by as you might think. In this article, we will continue to explore the surprisingly complex system of gaining likes on Instagram.

How Does Instagram Decide Who Sees What?

In order to ensure that viewers are seeing the most relevant posts to them, Instagram introduced an algorithm in 2015 that would change the order in which users see pictures and videos. The new algorithm was introduced to replace the old chronological order because Instagram was becoming so popular, with over 400 million users at the time, that showing the posts chronologically was no longer a sensible way for the platform to operate. Another reason for the change was the introduction of advertisements, which would be fitted into the new algorithm.

When the new algorithm was first proposed, it was met with controversy and hostility, because marketers were already working under the conditions that the timing of each post was pivotal. The new algorithm would upend the whole marketing operation on Instagram, because now technology would decide who wees what based on the users own follows, and who they actually engage with. This was great for the individual user, but proved to be a difficult change for social media marketers. The marketers adapted to the new system, of course, but the algorithm is fairly organic and changes regularly, so marketers are forced to stay on their toes and adapt to regular changes. Overall the new algorithm seems to have had a positive impact on the platform, and the response from users seems fairly receptive.

Advertising on Instagram

Since advertisements were introduced to Instagram in 2015, there has been some controversy about it. Instagram uses Facebook Business to operate its advertising, and Facebook has access to more information about individuals than perhaps any other platform in the world. This means that every advertiser can find out if you are interested in sports cars, classical music, weight loss, chocolate, family photography, or all of the above. If you have ever expressed an interest in anything that can be sold, Facebook Business knows about it, and they can use that information to target very specific demographics. This caused a great deal of controversy during the 2016 presidential elections. While the concern about this is quite understandable, at the end of the day it hardly matters as far as advertising is concerned, because advertising is not just about informing one specific base demographic, it is also about expanding the base. Advertising will always be focused on converting those that were not previously interested, which means the primary goal of all advertisement is to reach as many people as possible. Yes, they can and do use user’s information to target specific groups, but chances are most of those users would see those advertisements anyway.

That being said, advertising with Instagram is very effective, and not terribly difficult for those that aren’t professional marketers. In this part of the article, we will go over a few very simple tips and tricks for effective advertising on Instagram. Although this guide will help you get off to a strong start, it is important to note that the more research you do in advance, the more effective your advertising campaign will be. And also you can buy instagram views from

Set Your Budget: The first step is probably the simplest, but also the most limiting, set your budget. Keep in mind that more money does not automatically equal a more impactful campaign. If you are looking to sell an app that connects members of one specific neighborhood in one specific city, you don’t really need a budget big enough for a nationwide campaign. In fact, you might even be able to get away with something like an influencer putting the word out, in which case you may not even need an advertising campaign.

Know Your Audience: This step does seem to contradict with some of what we said earlier, since this is all about figuring out what specific group you are advertising to. Earlier we said that the main goal of advertising is to reach as many people as possible, including those that are not already in your base, but that does not mean it isn’t essential that you know who your base is. For instance, if you were writing a young adult fantasy novel about a group of female heroes fighting against a tyrannical male, your first instinct might be to think that your core demographic is young females between the ages of 14-21. While that is probably true, there would also be some room for young males in college, feminist activist groups, and just fantasy-genre lovers in general. You can test different core groups in order to find the most profitable demographic. The key here is for you to focus on your demographic when creating and advertising so that you can keep your base, while also attempting to expand it.

Learn The Metrics: Understanding the metrics of likes, clicks, comments, and conversions is essential to your advertising campaign. Not only are these going to be the units by which you measure the success of the campaign, but the ratios will be used to adapt your campaign to trends and changes in the future. For example, if you are receiving five likes for every one conversion (actual sales made after likes and clicks), then you are in pretty good shape, but one thousand likes for every one conversion means there is probably something amiss, and you will need to find a way to close the deal on interested users.

Don’t Forget The Long Game: Although you do want to push for high numbers in the short term, as these bursts will often help to sustain you when business inevitably slows as excitement dies down, never forget that advertising has a long game as well. Building a recognizable name and brand recognition is what sets apart McDonalds from Joe’s Burger Shack.

The Magic of The Algorithm

The point of creating and introducing the algorithm in the first place was not just to expand Instagram’s base, but to keep users engaged longer. Having a lot of regular users is important for a social media platform, but after that, the money is in keeping them looking at the platform for as long as possible, so that they can see as many advertisements as possible. Here is how the algorithm makes that happen.

A user logs on and looks at pictures and videos.

The algorithm collects relevant data about what the user took an interest in, and stores the data for next time.

The user comes back, and finds that the pictures and videos they are looking at are now catered to their personal taste, so they spend more time on the platform.

The algorithm collects even more specific data, and stores it for next time.

Rinse and repeat.

As you can see, the system is set up to benefit both the user and the advertisers; and benefitting the user and advertisers is good for Instagram as a whole.

Cheaters Never Prosper

For your own good, do not spend time or resources trying to cheat the system. The short term results of using spam bots or other unsavory methods are simply not worth what you will invest. Instagram is constantly on the lookout for spamming accounts, and they get banned regularly. Even if they don’t find you out right away, the users will hardly be fooled. If you post an advertisement something most people have never heard of, and get 200,000 likes in the first hour, most users are savvy enough to see right through that. Even using organic marketing services, which offer actual people to like and comment on your posts for a price, is simply not as effective as working with the system for actual organic likes over the long haul.

High-Quality Content Draws High-Quality Users

Ask yourself this question: would you rather have 100,000 likes and make 25 sales, or would you rather have 100 likes and make 99 sales? In this circumstance, obviously making more sales with less likes is preferable, but what you really want is both. Gimmicks and tricks will get you thousands of likes, and zero real interest. A fantastic product will get you a loyal base, and little expansion. However, a quality product combined with quality content on Instagram will bring in the kind of users that are actually looking to buy, and if you impress them, they will help to spread the word for you through likes and word-of-mouth.

Look at it this way, you can evoke a legitimate reaction from people by asking them if they prefer Chevrolet or Ford. The question is, why? It is because Chevy and Ford have both done one thing demonstrably right, they made their brands a question of honesty and quality, rather than just popularity. People will almost feel a moral obligation to commit to certain brands over

others, because those brands have taken the time to create organic and authentic interest in their product. However you feel about those particular brands, they invested the time and money into creating genuine interest, and forsook the easy way. Likes work in a very similar fashion. It is not about racking up numbers at any cost, it is about generating real enthusiasm about real quality content.

Details, Details…

There is a quote from Fredrick Bachman, a Swedish writer, “Everything is complicated if no one explains it to you”. All of this might seem a little difficult to grasp, and you might be thinking that there has to be a lot of details that you simply are not getting. Well, that is correct. Building an organic following on Instagram is not terribly complicated, but it can seem that way if you don’t have the right help. Here are the definitions of a few words and phrases that you might run into while you’re building your campaign.

Influencer: An influencer is someone with a following so large that they can influence trends and sales on Instagram. A plug from an influencer is not a guarantee of success, but it can definitely help.

Social Proof: Put simply, this just means that people are more likely to do something if they see others doing it first. The term was coined by Robert Cialdini, a professor at Arizona State University. Social proof is the reason that influencers matter in social media marketing.

Organic Likes: This means likes that came from actual people that actually have an interest in your content. There is such a thing as “organic marketing services”, but these are paid for and not really organic at all. Organic likes are not paid for, not bots, and not duped into thinking your product is something other than what it really is. Without a doubt there is nothing better for your marketing campaign than a lot of truly organic likes.

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That Wasn’t So Hard, Was It?

Just to make this as easy as possible for everyone, here is a summary of this whole article in one sentence; create high quality and honest content, and you will get more organic likes. It really is as easy as that. Even if you never took the time to study the marketing techniques, algorithms, or current trends, you could be wildly successful just by giving the users what they actually want. That being said, the more you know about how social media marketing works, the more successful you will be.

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