The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Followers - 2020 Updated

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Followers - 2020 Updated

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Followers

We all know that it is possible to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views, but not every company that offers the service is reliable. Unfortunately, some companies propagate bad information on how to buy Instagram likes, followers, and views, which hurts small businesses and influencers. No matter what your business is, whether you’re previously established, or whether you’re a micro-influencer, growing your Instagram account to a solvent level is challenging. Going the organic route can take years of hard work before you see any real results.

Here, we explain how Instagram’s platform works and how you can safely and efficiently buy Instagram views, likes, and followers. The more likes, views, and followers that your account has, the more credible your content is, and the more “social proof” you have, the more people see your brand as quality and trustworthy. Developing new content is part of the process, but reaching the people who are interested in your content is essential to a successful campaign. Reaching the right people for your content allows your account to prosper where others may not, and it attracts attention from sponsors.


A Competitive Platform

Social media is continually evolving, especially within the last several years. The various platforms have become better tools for small businesses and influencers to showcase their brand, attract new customers and sponsors, and increase their conversion rates. Instagram is no exception to this trend, and since its inception in 2010, Instagram has grown to become one of the most widely used social medial platforms worldwide, influencing millions.

Conservative estimates put Instagram’s monthly user base close to 100 million people in the US alone and one billion people worldwide. That means that one-third of the US population is on Instagram every month. It’s foolish not to utilize the power that Instagram offers to tap into new markets and stay relevant to your customer base.

As Instagram grows in popularity, so does its users, making brands and influencers in constant competition with each other for users’ attention, sponsorships, and new followers. The game is intensifying, but thankfully, there are new opportunities that can help businesses and influencers meet their goals. When Facebook acquired Instagram, a steady stream of new users developed, and the number of competing brands increase as well.

With fierce competition and new brands joining regularly, it’s challenging to separate your brand from the crowd. For success, you need to have content that is different from the rest while still resonating with viewers. Instagram offers a unique way for new businesses to become household names, but if you don’t have the right content and attainment plans in place, you may never reach that point. When your business generates quality content, and that content makes it in front of the right users, your brand will start to succeed. You will create social proof, which is vital for any business.

Instagram is an excellent avenue for influencers to attract a new stream of revenue from other brands who want to sponsor your content. As an influencer, you can quickly market products to specific audiences and earn money from sponsorships whenever your followers purchase those products.

Instagram’s Future

Many analysts expect Instagram to continue growing well into the 2020s and beyond. This is because Instagram is regularly working to improve the platform by introducing new features and various tools for businesses. Instagram is purging fake accounts and creating a new, more welcoming environment that will enhance the user experience. With a more tolerant community, Instagram is becoming a business-friendly platform and community.

Instagram is an excellent platform for business use because they provide data reports for accounts, and we can expect those to continue to improve over time. The provided analytics show how well your posts are doing, and how they are performing over demographics like age, race, gender, and geographic location. Activity tracking is another tool that the platform offers. You can use activity tracking to discover information on your followers and customers.


Instagram launched IGTV recently, cementing their position in the social media hierarchy. IGTV is an optimized video service that plans to compete with other video media giants like YouTube. IGTV offers a new way to experience content from brands, influencers, and other users. In IGTV, the videos work well on phone screens and are optimized for mobile data networks.

IGTV is a separate app from Instagram, and already includes a high-profile lineup of content creators. You won’t need to search for your favorite brands — they’ll already be in front of you.


Instagram is one of the leading creators of the influencer trend, providing countless people with new revenue streams through product sponsorships. Influencers are relatable and can influence a wide range of peoples and demographics. The goal of influencing is to appeal to others on behalf of brands and products. Micro-influencers often have more influence than high-profile celebrities, which might be because viewers relate more to non-celebrities.

Most people have more in common with influencers than celebrities because influencers typically aren’t millionaires, have fewer luxury goods, and don’t come from well-known families. Influencers also usually show more empathy and compassion for their followers in ways that movie stars can’t or don’t. Influencers are simply more relatable and more natural to connect with. As Instagram grows, it’s more than likely that the power of influencers will grow as well, making them more valuable than ever to brands of all sizes.

Fake Accounts Will be Purged

Instagram is working tirelessly to stifle the creation of fake accounts, banning any that they discover. Fake accounts are damaging to real users in that they make it difficult for users to work on the platform. Fake accounts also jeopardize real user accounts that have phony account followers.

Instagram is taking steps to make it more challenging to open a fake account, and they have made it easier to report them. The company relies on the entire Instagram community to identify and report counterfeit accounts as they continue their mission to clean up the platform.

Fake accounts and groups of accounts can cause businesses to lose money and credibility because only real users can engage with a brand and purchase products.


What is Social Proof?

Social proof is the idea that social media engagement can provide credibility for your business. Social proof comes from testimonials on websites and social media profiles, as well as increased social media followings and interactions. Brands of any size need to have and use social proof for success because social proof lets new customers know that your business is legitimate and credible with real followers.

Social proof is vital to small and new businesses and influencers. You can use the concept to establish and grow your brand quickly. Because of this, you should consider social proof as a requirement for your business. Focus on your brand’s social media page and following and continue to validate your brand to your customer base.


1. Business Credentials

Having the right credentials for your industry is critical. It is an excellent way to demonstrate to your customers that your brand is legally allowed to conduct business and that you are following the rules always. Business credentials can include certifications, licenses, awards, and accreditations, or establishing your business as a limited liability company (LLC). Untrustworthy companies don’t advertise having credentials and can’t provide them when asked.

Customers take an inherent risk when they interact with a new brand and make purchases. It’s difficult to know with absolute certainty whether a brand is genuine and whether you will receive your product. Offering credentials eases worries and is extremely valuable when attracting a new market of customers. You should always display any credentials your brand has obtained.

2. Expert Testimony

Expert testimonies come in the form of testimonials from other experts in your field. When experts support your product, it shows customers that your brand and product are valuable, reliable, and trustworthy. Every consumer wants to know that what they’re buying is a safe and quality product. With expert testimonials, you can give your customers a voice they can trust. If your brand sells food, beauty, or health and wellness products, expert testimonials can provide a new business a leg up and give established companies credibility.

3. Celebrity Approval

Celebrities naturally influence their fan base. When you see your favorite movie star drinking a new protein shake, it’s only natural to want to try the shake yourself. Why? Because of your trust in them and their opinion. Think about Oprah’s book club or other star endorsements that you see every day. Celebrity approval is a powerful tool to gain more business and higher conversion rates. If possible, have a celebrity endorse your product and stand behind your brand. Your sales will skyrocket because your customers trust celebrities. Authors, clothing designers, makeup artists, and other product developers have reached high levels of success because of celebrity endorsements.

4. Social Media Credibility

Social media credibility is possibly the most crucial element of social proof. Billions of people are on social media in some form, and the more of those people you can reach, the more successful your brand is. The goal of putting your brand on Instagram is to gain as many likes, shares, and views as you can. This ensures that the right people are seeing and interacting with your company and possibly buying your products. Social media consumers respect numbers. A company with 100,000 followers will see higher rates of success than a company with 1,000 followers. When thousands of people get behind your brand, you establish credibility and trust.

Gaining credibility on social media is a must for any business or influencer. With how many people are active on social media, the door is open for enterprising companies to make names for themselves and gain the trust of their target market.

Why do you need social proof?

Not participating in social media is no longer an option for businesses looking to shake things up, gain more coverage, and increase sales. Social proof can do amazing things for businesses, and it is vital to create a needed level of trust with customers. Without social proof backing up your brand, you have little credibility on social media platforms, affecting your authenticity.

Leveraging Social Proof

You can leverage your social proof to grow your brand exponentially and even find celebrity and expert testimonials. You’ll draw attention from the people who matter the most, and you’ll have more offers for sponsorships. The goal is to stay consistent with who you are, what you’re saying, and what content you’re putting out there.


IG Followers, Likes, Views

You can buy Instagram followers, likes, and video views from a lot of different Instagram growth companies, but not every company is made the same. The cost of the services vary depending on which service you choose, the number of followers, likes, and views you want, and how quickly you want them delivered. Most growth services advertise an instant-delivery option and gradual-delivery for an organic-looking growth. Whatever your needs, you can get new followers, likes, and views overnight or over several days.

If you want to run a special promotion or product campaign, the instant delivery system is the better option. You’ll have new followers, likes, and views on your page within minutes, boosting your campaign’s visibility, which encourages other users to view your content. If your goal is to have a more substantial following in a natural-seeming way, the gradual delivery system is the best way to go because it doesn’t look like bots follow your account. Incremental delivery lets you gain growth over time.

The more likes and views your posts have, the more attractive the content is to potential followers. This type of social proof cements your post’s value and credibility, protecting it from critics. You also boost your company’s reputation in the eyes of your target market and increase brand awareness. In particular, likes have a higher impact on your popularity because content resonates better with users when they see that they’re not the only ones to like the post.

Likes are similar to currency. The more likes you have, the richer your brand is. You can leverage your social proof for more likes and faster growth. Social media users naturally gravitate toward posts with more likes, often without even realizing it. When you see a post with ten likes next to a post with 10,000 likes, you’re more likely to pay attention to the content with the most likes. Likes set your posts apart from others.

Potential sponsors want to see a higher number of likes on the posts in which they are featured. It shows them that potential customers are genuinely interested in both the influencer and the product. Most people only press the “like” button when they are actively engaged with or enjoying a post. The people who like your content are also more likely to follow your page.


Credibility is Key

Boosting your likes and followers establishes trust and credibility, which are essential for your brand’s success. Credibility separates quality brands from subpar businesses or companies who aren’t putting in the leg work. Social proof ups your credibility and can make you one of the highest-rated businesses in your city, state, or on all of Instagram. Without a credible and successful social media presence, your account won’t reach as many potential followers, and you’ll miss out on a vital part of building your brand’s trust in the market.

Bots and fake accounts inherently damage the process of buying likes, followers, and views for your account. Previously, bad Instagram growth providers sold likes, followers, and views that solely came from bots. Bots are computer-generated social media accounts that are not backed by real users and have no significance. Bot accounts can boost your profile’s followers and likes, but there is no actual engagement and no real value. Most bots post nothing more than pointless emojis.

Bots do nothing more than reduce or eliminate a brand’s social proof, doing more damage than which some companies can recover. Their credibility might be irrevocably ruined. When new customers and followers find your Instagram account and see that there are nothing but bot accounts, they will stay away from your profile and business. Bots are easily recognizable because they don’t interact with, share, or endorse your company or products. They are only “good” for boosting your number of followers and likes.

Instagram is introducing new updates that purge bots and fake accounts from the platform. Brand and influencer accounts can now be penalized, flagged, or possibly deleted if they have bots or bogus accounts supporting their accounts. Even though bots can boost your numbers, at the end of the day, they are not a viable way to increase brand awareness and connect with your target market.

You can also gain credibility through consistency and quality. If you stay true to your image and values, consumers will take note and visit your social media profiles and website more often. Brand’s and influencers who don’t respond to comments and messages come across as unapproachable and unrelatable. Customers want a connection with the brands to which they subscribe. When you establish a human connection with others, you boost your credibility and develop a personal relationship that starts to increase followers, likes, and views organically.


Great Content Sets Your Page Apart

One of the most effective ways you can connect with your client base, boost credibility, and gain social proof is to develop excellent content. Engaging, helpful, informative, and relatable content is key and appeals to consumers more than repetitive, boring, and poorly put together posts. With higher quality content, you can reach new people and create organic followers, likes, and video views. Followers will also start to share and subscribe to all your avenues of connection.

How do you create fantastic content? Several elements go into quality content to make your posts stand apart from the competition.

1. Remember who you’re posting for

Your posts and content are for your audience and your target market. When you buy Instagram followers, your new audience is already geared toward liking and interacting with your content. With that in mind, you should always custom tailor your posts to your audience’s interests. When you get feedback, comments, and messages, review them carefully, and use that input to develop better content going forward. Real users have the best judgment about whether your brand is appealing.

When you’re producing content or responding to comments and messages, always remember not to enter a conflict with your audience. There will always be users who spread hate and discontent on social media, and it’s not always easy to deal with them on your profile. You need to remember that everything you say and post on social media is saved and reposted for anyone to see. You can instantly reduce your social proof by saying the wrong thing to another user.

2. Utilize Smart Keywords and Hashtags

Hashtags and keywords are how your posts appear in Google and other search engine results. To have the most brand awareness that you can, you need to use the best hashtags and keywords for your business. The process of showing up in search engine results is called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a vital part of any digital content and is essential for quality social media posts.

3. Tap into Emotions

Tap into the emotions of your audience to get them more personally invested in what you’re saying. You’ll almost guarantee that users come back to your content again and again. Emotion is a powerful tool, so you should always craft content that makes users feel something powerful. Your posts are more appealing when there is human quality involved.

4. Use Incentives to Create Buzz

Everyone loves free stuff — period. Start using incentives like giveaways, sweepstakes, and coupons. Incentives create buzz around your brand, boost your likes and views, and increase awareness around your brand. Even if your brand is new and unheard of, a promotional incentive post can skyrocket your company to higher consciousness and interaction. Remember only to offer something that relates to your brand and that your target market wants. Ask users to like, follow, or share your post and page to win. Incentives almost always result in success.

5. Make Your Audience Laugh

Humor is always appealing and can create a buzz in its own right. Quality, entertaining content grabs attention because laughter is universally loved. People are more likely to share your content if they find it humorous, and it makes them laugh or have another powerful emotion. Posts that are nothing but sales pitches are boring and passable. Always make sure your funny posts are clean.

6. Try Making a Video Instead of Writing

Well-done video content can help user interactions and increase the quality of your content and profile. Videos are easy ways to pass on significant amounts of information quickly. Videos also catch more people’s attention than text posts. Not everyone wants to sit and read, so videos can grab more likes and followers. When you buy Instagram followers, likes, and views, your posted videos are watched and liked by more organic users, helping your account overall. Your content reaches more people and improves your credibility.

Videos are versatile, and humorous or emotional videos experience more engagement than only sales pitches. Video content is one of the most popular ways for users to interact with a company and learn new information about a brand. However, don’t assume longer videos are better than shorter. Short videos hold viewers' attention better than long videos. Try to keep your video content at around 30 seconds.

7. Stay on Top of Trends

It’s important to stay on top of popular trends and what’s happening in pop culture. No one wants outdated information or content that is no longer relatable. Outdated humor posts usually result in disengagement. Keep your content relevant, on-trend, and in touch.

Don’t mistake staying in touch with trends as repeating what you see other brands and influencers doing. Users want originality, and blatant plagiarism isn’t well received. However, you can put in a nod to where or from whom you got the information.

8. Always Add Value

Content should always add something to the user’s day or life. When people watch your videos or view your posts, they’re spending time on your brand that they could be spending somewhere else. Make sure their time is spent wisely. Reward your users with valuable content that they can relate with and incorporate into their lives. Keep everything engaging and inspiring.

Appeal to your audience’s interests and about what they care. If your target market is currently interested in a specific topic, give them content that meets that interest head-on. You can also ask for feedback through comments and messages to get a better understanding of what your audience wants. Once you know what people are craving, you can give it to them in a neat package. Your audience knows themselves best and what they want to see from your brand.

9. Mix it Up

Repetitive content gets stale and boring. No one wants to see the same things posted again and again. You’ll back up your feed with useless posts in which no one is interested. The worst-case scenario is users unsubscribing from your page. Mix things up and keep things fresh but still related to your industry. It might be challenging to find the right mixture of content, but it will pay off in the long run when your followers stay subscribed and engaged.

Quality content is always better than repetitive and over-done content. Stay original and relatable to make personal relationships with your viewers. Throw in emotional and humorous content and form a bond with consumers. Always mix things up before they get stale and throw in an incentive once in a while.


Social Media Marketing

Why should any company care so much about social media? The benefits are already clear, and quality content, social proof, and credibility are essential parts of every brand’s social awareness. Social media is a critical tool to have in any company’s marketing plan. Social media helps businesses of all sizes reach a wider audience and an untapped segment of their target market. Newspaper ads, billboards, and magazine advertisements are relics — social media is now the king of marketing.

Instagram is one of the highest-rated social media platforms and one of the most important for marketing. It is one of the most downloaded apps in the iTunes and Google Play stores. Millions of people use Instagram daily, doing everything from posting and sharing content, to liking and following brands. At the end of the day, brands can’t stay relevant without a social media presence.

Social media marketing can target the specific market for which your brand is aiming. You can place your content directly in front of the users who care the most about what you’re saying. Social media marketing is extremely more effective than old fashioned marketing techniques. You can always share your posts and ask others to help you reach new followers organically, but it’s challenging to build a large following that way. Buying followers, likes, and views can increase your marketing efforts exponentially.

Everyone is on Instagram and Social Media

Why is Instagram an important marketing platform? Instagram is where your target market is interacting with each other. Instagram has around 100 million monthly users in the US. A third of the population in the United States is actively using Instagram every month, which is an astounding feat for any platform.

At least 70 percent of the population worldwide has a social media account, which means billions of people are connected to some type of platform.

When you buy Instagram followers, you tap into a global market where users engage and interact with your content. The best brands take advantage of access to billions of people and use social media to place their content in front of as many people as they can. Instagram is full of users who want to shop and find the next greatest product.

Social Media is Usually Free

Most social media platforms are free to join, making them the perfect marketing tool that gives you access to millions of people every month. Instagram is excellent because it saves time and money by freely putting your message exactly where your customers are.

Some social media platforms like Facebook have the option for paid ad campaigns that you can run for a specified time. The paid campaigns increase your reach to your target market, making your efforts stronger, and getting your content to exactly where it will do best. You can choose campaigns as small as a few dollars a day to as large as several thousand a day.


Growing Your Other Accounts

You can quickly grow your social media accounts on other platforms if you first have a large following on Instagram. Facebook merged with Instagram in 2012, meaning that the two platforms are connected and easier to play off each other. There are also millions of users on Twitter into which you can tap. When you have a large Instagram following, you can leverage that following to grow your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Companies who can unify their social media presence have greater success than brands who limit themselves to one platform or only have minimal efforts. Utilizing multiple social media channels increases your brand’s awareness and visibility to billions of people globally. You will have an excessive number of people that you can access and to whom you can appeal.


Why Buy Followers?

Anyone can buy followers safely and have quality followers, not bots. However, this is only possible if you’re cautious and find reputable Instagram growth companies who do what they say and nothing nefarious. There is a lot of skepticism and misinformation about buying Instagram followers, due in part to the number of scammers in the market who pose as legitimate companies.

However, there are tons of reputable companies that provide Instagram growth opportunities. You must know the difference between quality companies and scammers. We’ll go through how to spot the scammers later.

Faster Growth

Everyone understands that it can take years to build a following on social media platforms organically.

You will spend most of your time liking posts, promoting content, and asking others to follow and share your posts. Finding new followers is challenging and often frustrating. Where we used to rely on “like for like” and “follow for follow,” we now must find new ways to attract real followers.

If you have spent months using the old methods of growing a following on Instagram, you’ve been doing it right but also wrong. You marketed your page, dangled incentives like carrots, and asked other Instagram users to connect. Where did you go wrong? You didn’t build a large enough base of followers to attract new followers and draw attention to your products.

The more followers you have, the higher the chances that users will follow you, too, and share your content with others. Developing an extensive network of users who see your content is vital. A high follower count also helps you boost your social proof, which you can then leverage in any number of ways to benefit your brand.

When you buy Instagram followers, you reduce the need to trudge around Instagram, trying to drum up organic followers. It might be a shortcut, but buying Instagram followers is the best “life hack” you can do for your company. When you buy Instagram followers, you pay for access to millions of Instagrammers monthly. Instagrammers who are interested in your type of content.

Buying Instagram followers means that your account will start growing overnight, and you’ll quickly notice that the growth continues for months. Your content will reach more people who enjoy and interact with it. Those people will then share your content with their followers, who share it with theirs, and the growth continues.

Appeal to a Wider Audience

With increased content sharing, you can appeal to a broader audience than you ever have before. Your new audience is likely entirely different from what you expected, but that’s the best scenario. This means that your content and products are relatable and appeal to people of diverse backgrounds. Your account’s potential growth is only limited by the number of followers you buy.

With a wider audience viewing your content, you can mix up your posts with new and appealing information that reaches different people. You can appeal to individual subcategories of your followers and make content that is directed at specific demographics. The versatility of buying Instagram followers means you’re grabbing more attention than ever before.

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