9 Best Instagram Marketing Tips You Should Not Miss

9 Best Instagram Marketing Tips You Should Not Miss

If you haven't been using Instagram for marketing, here are some statistics that will change your mind. The platform hosts over one billion visitors every single month. 81% of the people on it use it to research services and products. Instagram stories attract over 500 million people every single day. A further 58% attribute the interest they have in a particular brand or product to Instagram stories. The platform also has a very high number of influencers who help brands sell the products.  

Having the right marketing techniques is critical. We have talked to experts who offer blogger outreach services for some advice. Here is what we learned.  

9 Instagram Marketing Tips To Increase Conversion Rates

  1. Create A Business Profile 

Your first step should be to create a business account on Instagram. It gives audiences access to you without needing to go to your website. It also helps with running promotions or ads. Signing up gives you access to analytics. You will need them to measure the performance of your marketing activities.  

  1. Grow Your Audience Base

 You need the right audiences for the best conversion rates. A high number of people need to see and engage with your content. There is a lot of competition on Instagram. It can be difficult to attract followers, but there are effective ways.

  • Start with your existing customers and encourage them to follow you on Instagram. 
  • Throw in a few promotions or discounts to get them to participate actively. 
  • Have the relevant badges on your website to promote your Instagram profile.
  • Keep a keen eye on profiles that have products similar to yours.  
  • The next step is to follow those who are already on that particular profile. With interesting or relevant content, they will have no problem following you back. 

  1. Focus On Creative, Current Content 

The Instagram demographic primarily consists of younger people. Instagram followers according to age are:-

  •  13 to 17 years - 5%
  •  18 to 24 years - 19%
  •  24 to 34 years - 40%
  •  35 to 44 years - 23%
  •  45 to 54 years - 7%
  •  55 to 64 years – 1%
  •  Above 65 years - 1% 

Targeting younger people requires quite a bit of creativity. You must show why your product is special. Such groups do not have the patience for too much text. Investing in good quality images that showcase the products is critical. It also helps to show how your products will add value to their lives.

Thinking about your content and knowing how to schedule them properly is something you should study carefully. To make time, you can hire a content marketing specialist. They will be equipped with the right knowledge and tools that will help with content creation and scheduling. This is especially helpful for startups and small businesses that are just starting with digital marketing. 

  1.  Change The Tone Of Your Messaging 

 The best way to get people to lose interest in your messages is to get too salesy.  Instagram is not a platform for hard pitching.  Remember, no one wants to have products pushed in their faces. Your content should engage and provide relevance. It doesn't hurt if it is entertaining while passing across your message. 

Think about the use of teasers or other promotional tactics to generate interest. Exclusive offers, for example, will work well with younger people. They want to know that they are part of the few who can get access to a particular product.  

  1.  Be Consistent With The Posts

Posting consistency is a challenge many marketers face.  Having to put up content once or twice a day can be a daunting task. Try to maintain consistency with the posts. Haphazard placement can make people lose interest in what you have to say. 

Too many posts do not necessarily translate into engagement. Bombarding audiences with messaging can put them off. Schedule the posts so that audiences know when they can expect content. Scheduling also allows for high-quality posts that can drive more engagement.

Experts recommend sticking to about one post per day. In a month, you should strive for 11 to 20 times. Determine what works well for you based on your understanding of your target audiences.  

  1.  Use Instagram Stories And Live Streams For Leads Generation

Content on Instagram stories only stays up for 24 hours. Most Instagram followers will look at Instagram stories, before moving on to the general posts. It provides a fantastic opportunity to display different content. It could be images, videos, or short promotional texts. You also have no limit to the number of stories you can put up.  

Live streams are very engaging and allow for real-time connections. People get to comment, share, or like you're content as you broadcast. Use live streams for product demonstrations. It is also an opportunity to introduce the faces behind the team.  

Live streams provide an avenue for brand collaboration. Brand collaboration allows you to get access to audiences outside of your profile. You get more exposure, which could result in more followers.  

  1.  Social Influencers Are Crucial For Instagram Marketing 

Influencers take the time to build a large following. Their audiences trust them and will buy a product if they recommend it to them. Working with influencers is cost-effective, depending on who you opt to work with. 

Micro-influencers may, for example, accept products instead of monetary remuneration. Celebrities, on the other hand, maybe a bit more expensive. Research the influencers well to see what kind of followers they have. 

Partnering with the wrong influencer can damage the reputation of your company. Some have millions of followers based on infamy. You would rather avoid such altogether.  

  1. Save Some Money with User-Generated Content (UGC) 

User-generated content inspires trust in audiences.  It increases interaction and is a fantastic way to get conversions. Best of all, you will not need to spend money to get such content. Of course, if you have some spare cash, throw in promotions. It increases the likelihood of audiences participating. Still, need some convincing? Check out these statistics on UGC.  

  • A company can get up to 28% higher engagement with UGC. 
  • Return rates on a website are as high as 28%
  • Up to 48% of customers use UGC to discover new products
  • 84% of millennials depend on UGC to decide whether to buy something or not.  Instagram is a fertile ground for millennials. You can, therefore, not miss such an opportunity to reach them. 

  1. Spend Some Money on Sponsored Ads

 Set aside some money in your marketing budget for sponsored ads. It gives you access to a broader range of audiences.  Use the targeting feature to reach the right audiences. Please pay attention to your content so that it is attractive and engaging.   

Final Thoughts

We have looked at the 9 best Instagram marketing tips you shouldn't miss. Yet, we have barely scratched the surface with the potential available on the platform. Instagram is fantastic for astute marketers. Articles such as this one are a good place to start your research on the best marketing platforms. 

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